Hieronta kokkola seksi seinäjoki

hieronta kokkola seksi seinäjoki

making a publicly editable encyclopedia, 29 30 while Sanger is credited with the strategy of using a wiki to reach that goal. Sharma, Raghav (February 19, 2009 Wikipedian Justice, ssrn "legisinfo House Government Bill C-38 (381. 52 The October 22, 2013, essay by Tom Simonite in MIT's Technology Review titled "The Decline of Wikipedia" discussed the effect of systemic bias and policy creep on the downward trend in the number of editors. Julie Beck"s WikiProject Medicine 's James Heilman as stating: "Just because a reference is peer-reviewed doesn't mean it's a high-quality reference." 184 Beck added that: "Wikipedia has its own peer review process before articles can be classified as 'good' or 'featured.' Heilman, who has. Jemielniak, Common Knowledge, Stanford University Press, 2014. 116 The English Wikipedia has 5,852,987 articles, 36,235,676 registered editors, and 135,912 active editors. hieronta kokkola seksi seinäjoki Originally, Wikipedia ran on UseModWiki written in Perl by Clifford Adams (Phase I which initially required CamelCase for article hyperlinks; the present double bracket style was incorporated later. 249 Requests that cannot be served from the Squid cache are sent to load-balancing servers running the Linux Virtual Server software, which in turn pass them to one of the Apache web servers for page rendering from the database. Retrieved May 1, 2018. 346 Research use Wikipedia has been widely used as a corpus for linguistic research in computational linguistics, information retrieval and natural language processing. The policy has sometimes proved controversial: in 2008, Wikipedia rejected an online petition against the inclusion of images of Muhammad in the English edition of its Muhammad article, citing this policy. Evgeny Morozov (November December 2009). hieronta kokkola seksi seinäjoki


Seksi sa pag kantot. Archived from the original on October 6, 2008. ) Nielsen, Finn (August 2007). Retrieved October 28, 2011. "Alexa Top 500 Global Sites". (Substantial criticisms of Wikipedia and other web.0 projects.) Listen to: Keen, Andrew (June 16, 2007). He said that the lack of such freedom forced Wikipedia, "the seventh most consulted website to forbid all images of modern Italian buildings and art, and claimed this was hugely damaging to tourist revenues. 77 In 2003, economics PhD student Andrea Ciffolilli argued that the low transaction costs of participating in a wiki create a catalyst for collaborative development, and that features such as allowing easy access to past versions of a page favor "creative construction" over "creative destruction". Lexington (September 24, 2011). 78 Vandalism Main article: Vandalism on Wikipedia Any change or edit that manipulates content in a way that purposefully compromises the integrity of Wikipedia is considered vandalism. Gray, Lila (September 17, 2013). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Its most popular versions are leading the slide: page-views of the English Wikipedia declined by treffit suomi24 search leikit ja fetissit 12 per cent, those of German version slid by 17 per cent and the Japanese version lost 9 per cent." Varma added that, "While Wikipedia's managers think that this could. A b Kleinz, Torsten (February 2005). 83 In the Seigenthaler biography incident, an anonymous editor introduced false information into the biography of American political figure John Seigenthaler in May 2005. 93 All opinions and viewpoints, if attributable to external sources, must enjoy an appropriate share of coverage within an article. Retrieved April 14, 2007. "3 Charts That Show How Wikipedia Is Running Out of Admins". Finkelstein, Seth (September 25, 2008).

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